Safespace Buying Guide
with PancakeSwap

1. Download MetaMask
or use an existing wallet

– Go to Metamask website: and download the wallet extension or app.

2. Go to PancakeSwap (

– You have to swap your current tokens to
$SAFESPACE on this site.

3. Click on “Exchange”
in the left menu

– Click on “Exchange” in the left menu, then connect your wallet on right top header.

4. Select SafeSpace
with token address

– Click on “Select a currency” and put in this address: 0xe1DB3d1eE5CfE5C6333BE96e6421f9Bd5b85c987

5. Adjust your slippage when buying SAFESPACE

– Remember to adjust your slippage to 11-15% before buying

6. Welcome aboard

– You are now an astronaut. Buckle up!